Over the years I have accumulated a bunch of domain names many of which I  have no current use for.. and the costs mount up.

I think some were registered in relation to a project or intention to build but that have fallen out of use or never go going for whatever reason, here they are ;

backspace.org – this was the second domain registered during obsolete period to hold members webpages and promote the ‘cybercafe’

spc.org – registered in 1997 for me by Andrew Nimmo lovely.net and is the most used and abused doman!

consume.net – registered in 1997 for me by Andrew Nimmo lovely.net

iremovie.info – registered in 2004 and has never been used, shame.

vacuum.tv – registered in 2004 and in use for a few pages relating to the vacuum compilation work and mailing list for exploding cinema.

slacktivist.co.uk – registered when slacktivist ltd began in spring of 2005

these are no longer in use and are not being renewed

boundless.coop – most expensive top level domains available so we haven’t continued renewing

coopepys.co.uk – registered in 2004 for the organisation not actually a coop!

resourceforge.org – was registered as a place to move into or perhaps a fresh shelter for SPC.

I also have a claim on obsolete.com which jon bains renews each year.

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