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TB on Varispeed

This is a work in progress which re emerged during gold digging though the archive of DV tapes at deckspace. It features the bulk of my performance at Exploding Cinema show Shunderhai in 2004 – Area10 Peckham.

It was generated live with a very early Sony DV camera into a Panasonic MX12 vision mixer then feeding back from dual projections off the top of an old piano on to a huge cotton screen hung in the grimy space at back of area10. The material on tape was just half of the performance so I have simulated the dual projection by mirroring the sequences and generating a fresh HD master.

The music on the day was supplied by DJ’s whose names are forgotten now and was pretty good but I have replaced that with This Heat – Graphic Varispeed 33rpm which is exactly the correct length! There was so much going on that night in the main space I felt a bit cut off and only a few people watched as I worked. The booklet for the event is represented in the exploding cinema archive I remember having to tread carefully in the pitch blackness as behind me there was a live electrical feed poking out of the concrete floor!


Gold digging

Another afternoon with my head in kdenlive the great video editing for linux digitising and exporting sequences of feedback family stuff and a bit more live music from when I carried a camera everywhere..

So here is “tallbastard vs shunahai”

and a reminder that many more clips can bee seen on my youtube channel



Today I added the audio to a 10 minute feedback film I shot last week at Deckspace. The track is Sojourn and Saudade from Benefit Beats 2 by I am the Mighty Jungulator.

The film is the first result from a refreshed analogue video feedback rig that’s been Idle for a few years but has just been topped up with a matched pair of Sanyo video projectors. The mirrored projections to capture and feedback the camera make all the difference something we first tried this out at Shundahai an Area10 Exploding Cinema show in 2004, just 8 years ago!

Anyway here it is – Tallbastard vs. I am the Mighty Jungulator


Re-animating the works place

Tomorrow i will pop back for a second visit to the latest SpaceStudio complex on Haymerle Road SE15.

Its not that i need a new place to work but that its a large place and in need of evenly distributed internet access so all the artists to take up the offer arrive to find a top quality wireless service already in place to support their needs.

That I have an interest in such installations is not going to surprise anyone ! here are some pics from my last scan of the place.

Update : Work is now complete on the installation of 10 wlan access points throughout the now refurbished studios.


Advance Serviced

Over recent months I have made regular trip to visit Advance-Services recycling centre in Reading where they process end of life PC’s and Laptops for Corporations, Local authorities and SME’s .

In October 2010 they opened a service centre on Reading University campus in the Student Union Complex to offer PC refresh and repair servicing, low cost quality laptops as well as wide range of USB peripherals and the latest in network gaming via a set of suitably turbocharged workstations for an hourly charge.

Last week we talked about improving the layout of the shop to emphasis the gaming offer and improve the presentation of the merchandise so I will post updated images if they respond to my proposals!

Check here for mesh network access on Reading University campus


Funki Porcini – Plod

So pleased to hear a fresh LP selection of music on offer from fabulous Funki Porcini.


sharpen up

Not a great start to 2008 with a break in at my home on the 3rd relieving us of a well stocked iMac and my workbag lapdog, cameras etc. The worst of it a cliche’ loss of much family image and personal data leaving a hole where 2007 should be.

On the upside its a kick in the arse which will sharpen me up!

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