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Out of tune..

Just spent a few minutes looking over an old ABC webpage I made several years ago featuring loose ends from my years supporting Cardiacs one way or another so thought it worth listing here not least that others may find it!

The Mishmash is a selection of live video clips from the third night Cardiacs played at the Garage Islington in 2003 which you view in mp4 here and you can find clips from other shows on




Otherwise things have been much as usual.. though there is growing sense of inertia as winter looms despite the fair weather more or less anyway we have such a mild time of it down south. Just talked with Dave Jones holed up in Seattle with my sister Emma who has a new job there and niece Millie whilst they get used to the idea of living in the USA.

I had high hopes for this week, started out with a request to support recent SPC subscribers Space Studios in Mare Street. However seems any plan to move ahead with installation of wireless LAN inside their many buildings over the next month or so are greatly overstated and may drift on. I also was to visit John Thombs of Callidus to pick out any tasty servers and racks they may have available as they close their Kingsland Road office but this was also postponed till another day.

On Friday Adnan, Rob and YT from Deckspace will visit Ryan at his place in Andrews House to add our bit of Micro Noise to the gale persisting there. You can see Yoshi’s photo report here!

////////////////////////////////////////////// nohup / noise=noise
Friday 16th December
8pm – late


nnnnn, Unit 73a
Regent Studios
8 Andrew’s Road
E8 4QN

£5 suggested donation
pay more if you can afford it, less if you can’t

//rough bar//

an evening of ghost architecture, suicide computing, abject music, audiovisual programing, and reanimated electronics


nihal yesil

tallbastard & adnan hadzi

rob canning & antonios galanopoulos

“ ” [sic] tim goldie

ewa justka

ryan jordan

dj anomie



Kass Schmitt and friends Rupert and Desi offered me a ride and ticket to ATP nightmare before Xmas at Butlins in Minehead, a weekender of gigantic proportions but due to various xwires missed out. ): Instead I visited  James Braddell where we collated the latest Funki Porcini LP out of the many great unreleased tracks he holds ready – ‘One Day’ is great so buy it!

Further compensation was had at Union Chapel on Saturday where Bill Drake played a selection from his current LP Rising of the Lights as well as a couple of otherwise unpublished songs. Lastly travelled up to Finsbury Park where Shu Lea joined Rachel and Kyle hosting a ‘moving forest’ workshop as part of ongoing preparation for a summer 2012 incursion/action, Met some old friends and the pleasure of hearing the report of the days work from the dozen participants, more to come about this.


In from the cold

Collette ov exploding cinema popped round the other day for encouragement using but to my surprise found my account had been suspended ! A week or so later and its been reinstated so the following few entries are some effort to catch up with the many fab things that have been going on around here..

..not least the most enjoyable if not exhausting Exploding Cinema 20th Birthday party at Dog Star in Brixton. James Braddell arrived from Warwick in time to witness the show build and before the doors opened we popped out for a bite to eat in the revitalised Brixton Market and great portion of Korean before piling in to the gathering crowds settling for 48 short filmathon.. great night!



Ah now that's a nice surprise!

Yew Porn

Just back from a trip to Tim Smith’s garden party celebrating his 50th B’day.

Travelled down in the car with Cathy and Melanie via scary bear gift shop in Bexley Heath! Spent a very pleasant evening barbecuing and tippling in company of old friends there till early hours.

On Sunday followed Matthew Cutts over to his woodsmans cottage on the edge of New Forest where we walked to an ancient yew forest and shot these incredible tangles which you can see more of here


x26 Radio

just installed x26 radio android app by startx which you can get from

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