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coldasice2Sure, It’s been a while but somehow I rarely get time to return here and post. Today I spent a while clipping video shot at last nights Sound is Sound is Sound event at Albany Theatre in Deptford.

We had a fine old time of it .. The Balloons, Cold as Ice, Aine O’Dwyer and Albert Newton were bookended with DJ sets from BPM and Vince. YT hung about with a camera and captured some tasty clips which are already up on YouTube Playlist so have a look yourself!



Little Bubble of Laughter has produced a sci-fi action comedy film INTRAFLUX, a short adaptation of ‘Intrafluxing The Matrix’. It’s written in quantum-python and based on a true programing event which was picked up on and given a new life of it’s own by code-meddler Crissalida during the sadly defunct Funix sessions.

TB, Darq and Vortex provide voice over to the proceedings which features some cosmic interaction and inspirational insights in to the life and times of operational code! You really should track down a screening and bathe in it’s spectacular light soon as.. in the interim check here for all the info.


Fresh Perspectives

Many thanks to all who made it to my 50th birthday garden party on Sunday 26th! What a great day with friends, a mountain of great food and drink and fantastic surprise presents ! (more on these later)

I was so flat out getting squeezed and chatting, failed to take a single image so luckily Yoshi was on hand with his large glass eye to take in the scene.. and how! you can see them all on his fab blog.

By the time darkness fell I was fully blissed out and more than ready to ignite Lurka’s 50 shot firework spectacular.

For those who missed out, sorry as I was quite slack posting invites into the correct channels in good time.

Hope to see you all again soon for more fun with friends. xx


Hand of Pope

This Friday 15th June is set to a busy one with the day starting early at Pete Popes funeral taking place at Hither Green Crematorium 10.45am followed by a gathering of friends and family from noon at The Dog and Bell where food and drinks will be served up to all in his honor.

Pete died of lung cancer in May after many months of failing health which followed a decade of declining fortunes. He was well known and loved for his straight forward thinking and action on social and community concerns in his beloved SE8 and is missed by all who knew him.

A further Session is planned for dispersal of his ashes on 24th June with a noisy marching band heading out from the Birdsnest to Ha’penny Hatch for 5pm. bring a drum or something else to bash!



Last Saturday I travelled to Ashtead to meet my mum at her sisters where I heard some cousins and aunties would be present. To my delight there were indeed many extended family members lunching and we shared the great many cakes and drank wine together.

lounging at the laguardasLater we viewed a DVD – Armstrong Archives I had with me of recently digitised family standard and super8 cini movies some filmed by my grandfather Claude as early as 1942. As a consequence of the gathering we exchanged emails with the good intent to remain to better contact and meet again sooner. On returning home I felt energised to the point I  built a family Armstrong blog into which I am inviting them all to contribute.


ifttt ing

This week I have been helping friends start out building wordpress websites in support of their project activities. as a part of this process I have revisited some fascinating web services not least of all which enables cross fertilisation of social networking and information systems from a single entry point. As a regular user of WordPress I am always looking for ways to ecconomise on my time fiddling about in other systems so today I added a wordpress to facebook recipe which will now post this blog entry there automagicaly.


Ohh iamthemightyjungulator (well he is)


Out of tune..

Just spent a few minutes looking over an old ABC webpage I made several years ago featuring loose ends from my years supporting Cardiacs one way or another so thought it worth listing here not least that others may find it!

The Mishmash is a selection of live video clips from the third night Cardiacs played at the Garage Islington in 2003 which you view in mp4 here and you can find clips from other shows on




Otherwise things have been much as usual.. though there is growing sense of inertia as winter looms despite the fair weather more or less anyway we have such a mild time of it down south. Just talked with Dave Jones holed up in Seattle with my sister Emma who has a new job there and niece Millie whilst they get used to the idea of living in the USA.

I had high hopes for this week, started out with a request to support recent SPC subscribers Space Studios in Mare Street. However seems any plan to move ahead with installation of wireless LAN inside their many buildings over the next month or so are greatly overstated and may drift on. I also was to visit John Thombs of Callidus to pick out any tasty servers and racks they may have available as they close their Kingsland Road office but this was also postponed till another day.

On Friday Adnan, Rob and YT from Deckspace will visit Ryan at his place in Andrews House to add our bit of Micro Noise to the gale persisting there. You can see Yoshi’s photo report here!

////////////////////////////////////////////// nohup / noise=noise
Friday 16th December
8pm – late


nnnnn, Unit 73a
Regent Studios
8 Andrew’s Road
E8 4QN

£5 suggested donation
pay more if you can afford it, less if you can’t

//rough bar//

an evening of ghost architecture, suicide computing, abject music, audiovisual programing, and reanimated electronics


nihal yesil

tallbastard & adnan hadzi

rob canning & antonios galanopoulos

“ ” [sic] tim goldie

ewa justka

ryan jordan

dj anomie



Kass Schmitt and friends Rupert and Desi offered me a ride and ticket to ATP nightmare before Xmas at Butlins in Minehead, a weekender of gigantic proportions but due to various xwires missed out. ): Instead I visited  James Braddell where we collated the latest Funki Porcini LP out of the many great unreleased tracks he holds ready – ‘One Day’ is great so buy it!

Further compensation was had at Union Chapel on Saturday where Bill Drake played a selection from his current LP Rising of the Lights as well as a couple of otherwise unpublished songs. Lastly travelled up to Finsbury Park where Shu Lea joined Rachel and Kyle hosting a ‘moving forest’ workshop as part of ongoing preparation for a summer 2012 incursion/action, Met some old friends and the pleasure of hearing the report of the days work from the dozen participants, more to come about this.

June 2021


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