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coldasice2Sure, It’s been a while but somehow I rarely get time to return here and post. Today I spent a while clipping video shot at last nights Sound is Sound is Sound event at Albany Theatre in Deptford.

We had a fine old time of it .. The Balloons, Cold as Ice, Aine O’Dwyer and Albert Newton were bookended with DJ sets from BPM and Vince. YT hung about with a camera and captured some tasty clips which are already up on YouTube Playlist so have a look yourself!



Little Bubble of Laughter has produced a sci-fi action comedy film INTRAFLUX, a short adaptation of ‘Intrafluxing The Matrix’. It’s written in quantum-python and based on a true programing event which was picked up on and given a new life of it’s own by code-meddler Crissalida during the sadly defunct Funix sessions.

TB, Darq and Vortex provide voice over to the proceedings which features some cosmic interaction and inspirational insights in to the life and times of operational code! You really should track down a screening and bathe in it’s spectacular light soon as.. in the interim check here for all the info.


Shuttering n Spluttering

Yet more poking about in DV tapes reveals a clutch of half forgotten live performances not least 40 mins with Cardiacs @ Astoria 2001 which has its momments.

Then there’s the return of Rezillos @ Garage with support by Goldblade..fronted by John Rob (TV spokesman for a genration) all a bit distorted but full of the buzz.

If you like the Rezillos try “Can’t stand the Rezillos


TB on Varispeed

This is a work in progress which re emerged during gold digging though the archive of DV tapes at deckspace. It features the bulk of my performance at Exploding Cinema show Shunderhai in 2004 – Area10 Peckham.

It was generated live with a very early Sony DV camera into a Panasonic MX12 vision mixer then feeding back from dual projections off the top of an old piano on to a huge cotton screen hung in the grimy space at back of area10. The material on tape was just half of the performance so I have simulated the dual projection by mirroring the sequences and generating a fresh HD master.

The music on the day was supplied by DJ’s whose names are forgotten now and was pretty good but I have replaced that with This Heat – Graphic Varispeed 33rpm which is exactly the correct length! There was so much going on that night in the main space I felt a bit cut off and only a few people watched as I worked. The booklet for the event is represented in the exploding cinema archive I remember having to tread carefully in the pitch blackness as behind me there was a live electrical feed poking out of the concrete floor!


Gold digging

Another afternoon with my head in kdenlive the great video editing for linux digitising and exporting sequences of feedback family stuff and a bit more live music from when I carried a camera everywhere..

So here is “tallbastard vs shunahai”

and a reminder that many more clips can bee seen on my youtube channel



(This video from 2000 or so)
Not only will The Balloons be playing a rare local show this afternoon at the Birdsnest 16:30 but later at 19:00 Jack Blackburn and the Conformists will take the stage and tear another strip off.. Both bands have become fixtures of my soundscape the former since I saw them play at Clapham 101 club with Cardiacs in 1980 and latter just last year around the time of this recording. Now more could be made of both, whose nerve jangling tick trigering abrasion have their place abongst the greats, more than many aquired tastes. see you if you make it!


Fresh Perspectives

Many thanks to all who made it to my 50th birthday garden party on Sunday 26th! What a great day with friends, a mountain of great food and drink and fantastic surprise presents ! (more on these later)

I was so flat out getting squeezed and chatting, failed to take a single image so luckily Yoshi was on hand with his large glass eye to take in the scene.. and how! you can see them all on his fab blog.

By the time darkness fell I was fully blissed out and more than ready to ignite Lurka’s 50 shot firework spectacular.

For those who missed out, sorry as I was quite slack posting invites into the correct channels in good time.

Hope to see you all again soon for more fun with friends. xx

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