Linux Vision Mixer HD

Jose Commins is a software developer with a passion for AV and likes to VJ at clubs and parties so rather than struggle on with my aging Panasonic MX12 vision mixers he began looking into a software vision mixer . In recent months we have been meeting up quite regularly to talk about its progress and have a go at building a version up in Deckspace.

We are using an Intel based dual core PC and have added a 512mb nVidia GPU which the software mixer abuses to get the various video feeds onto screen and mixed in real time. so far it seem possible to mix 4 HD sources and output via hdmi without really testing the CPU. Thats good as realtime image processing is next to be added and will like as much POWER as we can offfer.  Last week we added a 21″ optical touchscreen to the set up. Although its currently just in single touch mode immediately adds a dimension of control and interaction thats going to make the difference.

pic and specs to come


2 Responses to “Linux Vision Mixer HD”

  1. 1 Pieczur
    June 5, 2011 at 11:01 am

    is there possibility to use soft as brodcast mixer? 5 feeds, maybe bu usb?

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