Google Phone

Back in April I dropped Orange after more than 10 years to get my hands on HTC smart G1 smart phone running Android the pico OS by Google massive. Within a month we had software keyboard and a large selection of new apps to compliment the great range of tools available.

I got a great deal from the business department at T-Mobile at sub £30 a month inc insurance, unlimited data, SMS, landline calls and 1000 mins to mobile networks. It really took me quite a while to get over the sluggish response and thumb fatigue to the point now where I am looking out for a suitable next generation handset.

In the meantime I continue to add new tools and dispose of the worst of those standard and hastily installed applets I have no real use for. In order to get through my long days I added a second higher power battery which is often needed. With the recent addition of Layars I see that battery live shorted again as it hammers the GPS unit which is otherwise off.

So at last applications that  open up great opportunities for development and consolidation of location based services like OWN and more recently Bubbles/Phonk.


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